Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marine NSKK

I set this Roco Minitank up as a light boat support truck. The plastic sheet will allow me to remove the load and use it as a stand alone at dockside.

The crate is from Eagle Games. The coiled rope and anchor give it a real nautical feel. I added two oars from a old Fujimi Swimmwagen.

This old Roco Assault Boat has been dressed up a bit. The oar is from an old Roco raft set, and the life ring from the old "Alligator" kit. The gas can is Fujimi.

A couple little bits really dress up this old boat.

The boats are designed to stack and with these extra items they won't stack anymore. I will only do this to a couple as command and control boats, or as repair boats. This one and the Opel Blitz are for my Marine NSKK unit.

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