Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Navy Figures

One of the most under-represented aspects of military service in 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures, is naval figures. Pegasus makes their Soviet Naval Infantry, WWII, an excellent set. Revell makes their WWII German Navy set, but most of them are simply lining the rails of the ship. Not much wargame use for that. We should have gotten a small landing party in the set.

Some figures we really need are:

World War Two
US Navy UDT Frogmen Divers
Swimming trunks, with flippers, mask, snorkel, demolition charges, knife, small assault team with Thompson submachine guns, Colt .45 and M1 Carbines, Hard hat divers with hammer, wrench, knife, cutting torch.

US Navy Landing Party For Raiding and Amphibious Landing Control
Helmets, and Sailor hats, Thompson submachine guns, Colt .45, Springfield rifles, demolitions charges, signal flags, ship to shore radio, Aldis lamp, Officers with maps and binoculars.

There were millions of sailors in the US Navy and in WWII their uniforms and equipment were pretty much the same for the course of the war. These figures would be great with the Revell PT-109 set, the Revell Germany U-Boat sets and Gato Class Submarine set and the Lindberg Air Force Rescue Boat. Since Revell is making several naval craft and already makes sailors for the KM, perhaps they will make US Navy figures.


Robo said...

Amen. I'd love to have some shore patrol sailors and some landing party guys a la "Sand Pebbles."

Bunkermeister said...

GI Joe Adventure Team. I love it.

I also would LOVE a set of figures based on The Sand Pebbles. I would even like the river boat too!