Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Figure Conversions, AA Gun, and Motorcycle

A Roco 37mm AA gun upgraded with a crew. Crew is from Fujimi and HaT.

This is another HaT figure, with an Esci WII Italian tank commander helmet. I am looking for more of these Italians. They were included in the Esci WWII Italian tank and SPG 1/72nd scale model kits.

An Airfix WWII German Luftwaffe Ground Crew figure. I added a small metal ammo box too.

The brand new Italeri WWII German Motorcycle set, this is the motorcycle with side car. There is also a motorcycle without sidecar. I have substituted the HaT motorcycle rider figure. He has the more European style uniform. The Italeri set is 1/72nd scale plastic. It goes together very well. It got it from Military Hobbies, 138 East Taft Ave, Orange, CA 92867.
It is an old hobby shop with new management. Nice place.

This is an Eadai / Grip / Arii figure with a new Early WWI French Infantry head from HaT. This gives the guy a kepi. Many Nazi organizations wore the kepi, it was very popular in the 1920's until the end of WWII. These are all for my NSKK unit.

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