Saturday, November 14, 2009

Opel Trucks

Modern armies run on fuel. And that means fuel trucks to carry the important liquid to the vehicles in the field. Roco Minitanks makes an accessory set with a little fuel pump and fuel barrels. I mounted one on a sheet of styrene plastic. I used styrene that has a wood board pattern so it looks like a floor of a truck or even planking or the floor of a room. The plastic is the size to fit inside a truck bed for maximum flexibility.

Like civilian vehicles, military vehicles break down and need roadside service. Using the same kind of plastic I have made a small set of repair parts and tools. Tool box, jack, and tire to fix a roadside flat tire.

A tow cable in the repair vehicle and a small barrel of motor oil to keep the vehicles running.

A specialized vehicle here. An entire engine, fuel, and other marine parts for small boat repair.

A barrel full of small parts and a fuel barrel with pump. Engineers use small boats for bridges and small boats are used to patrol lakes, streams, rivers and they all break down once in a while. A repair truck like this gets the work done to repair them and put them back in action.

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