Saturday, November 21, 2009

Italeri Anti-tank Teams

Here is an interesting concept, put and anti-tank weapon in a set labeled as Anti-tank Teams. This 1/72nd scale figure is from Italeri and is a US Army paratrooper with a bazooka. He is moving along with the bazooka, rather in the more traditional firing position. I would rather have one shooting the bazooka, but that's just me. My first choice is firing from a kneeling pose, then prone pose, then standing pose and finally a moving pose. I got my fourth choice in this set.

He carries a folding stock carbine on his back, which is a nice choice. No number 2 man in the set, too bad. The bazooka is a crewed weapon, a gunner and a loader. It would have been nice to get both of the crew. Oh, well, another disappointment. The sculpting is fantastic, however, so at least that does not disappoint.

The bazooka was a very important weapon for the US Army paratroopers because they were expected to hold out against enemy forces without armor support, often for days. Since we get four US Army posed, I would have hoped for a bazooka team and then perhaps someone with AT grenades or a rifle grenade launcher with AT grenade. But they did not ask me.

Instead we get a 60mm mortar. A great figure and a great choice, there is no plastic 60mm mortar for US Army paratroopers in WWII sets, so an urgently needed weapon. I don't care for the method of the separate bipod that sort of hangs in the air or barely touches the table just in front of the base. I would rather have a terrained base like Airfix or Revell have done with crew served weapons, or a totally separate weapon like the .30 caliber machine gun in the recent Caesar US Army set 1. This is a crew served weapon, but like the bazooka the crew in this case is only one.

These weapons were often served by crews in the prone position, so a good choice. he also has a carbine hiding on his back for close in defense. The carbine was meant to replace the .45 caliber pistol as a weapon with a bit more range and larger ammo capacity. Glad to see this item in the set.

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