Friday, November 6, 2009

NSKK Conversions, Again

As I continue with my NSKK project I have been looking for ways to simulate a kepi. This guy has had his headgear cut down to look more like a kepi. I also used some Prieser gear to make him appear more martial. He is from Dapol, 1/72nd scale hard plastic figure.

This Odemars figure has been modified with a new helmet and goggles. NSKK used many motorcycles and so I made several figures look like they were using motorcycle gear. Note the pocket flaps and belt buckle. Very nice figure.

The same Odemars figure, but his Luger has been replaced with a traffic wand. German police use little wands to direct traffic. I kept the original head on this guy, the side cap was popular in the NSKK. The wand is actually a rear view mirror from a Roco truck.

This HaT motorcycle soldier has had his head replaced. Originally he had a helmet, now on another guy and this head is from a civilian US police officer. The officers hat looks good on this figure, and gives me more variety and makes these guy look less like regular soldiers. The NSKK did do some fighting, but that was not their primary function.

This is the other side view of the new Italeri German Motorcycle. I got it from Military Hobbies, in Orange, CA. This is a great set and I know I will be buying more of them.

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