Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last of the Motorcycles

The HaT motorcycle with sidecar is in the back and it is huge. The regular motorcycle is pretty big, but not horrible compared to the new Italeri. I don't intend to dispose of my HaT ones, but any new ones I get will be Italeri.

A WWII German motorcycle unit composed of HaT and Italeri motorcycles.

A recon unit or even battalion can take up a lot of parking space. Here the unit is partly dismounted.

The unit can move very fast and can go places where regular trucks can't go. They are very good in Western Europe were there is an excellent but narrow road network.

Motorcycles carried two or three men each and often a machine gun. Three motorcycles with sidecars could carry a nine man squad. Naturally, trucks would be needed for supplies and larger gear.

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