Thursday, November 19, 2009

Italeri AT

This is the back of the Soviet light machine gunner. This is one of the figures from the Italeri Anti-tank set.

A kneeling Soviet panzerfaust man. One flaw in the set is the sights are not up. When the sights are folded up it arms the weapon. You can't fire it with the sights down. Apart from that error, these are very nice figures.

A PPSH submachine gun on the back of this figure. It is good to have a second weapon on this figure. In my rule set I allow troops to fire any weapon that they have moulded on them.

Another exciting figure, this time a German firing his MP40 submachine gun. Just like in every war movie and TV show! Well done!

The back side of this figure shows the great moulding they did on him. Note the depth of the details. A great soldier figure.

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