Sunday, November 1, 2009

Video Research

YouTube - Tiger ?:Propaganda Film

In surfing YouTube I have found a huge variety of videos that are military related. Almost any subject from World War Two to the present time can be found there in a video. Many of the most famous photos of the Second World War are actually stills from movie film. Looking for specific vehicles, nations, or battles seem to be the best way to find worthwhile videos.

The other technique to find good videos is to follow the links from video you do find to see videos posted by the same person, or that are viewed by people who view that same video. Period films are great sources of information. Markings on vehicles are original and sometimes films will show a line of vehicles moving past and you can see how they are applied to several of the same kind of vehicle.

Films also show how vehicles and soldiers looked in actual combat operations and training exercises. The WWII Germans and the Americans since at least 1940 produced large number of training films for their armies. Training films can show you what the army planned on doing in specific situations. Go watch a video.

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