Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Odds and Bits

YKREOL - La Figurine en Plastique au 1/72.

The former Odemars, now YKREOL, is releasing more new figures. They will be more late war Germans. My friend Yves has dropped a few samples in the mail to me and I am waiting for them to arrive here in Southern California from France.

My friend Randy at Fidelis Models has gotten in a huge supply of Arsenal-M models. They make high quality resin kits, mostly of WWII German vehicles. The nice thing about Arsenal-M is the detail and the fact the kits they make are not made by anyone else. The recent 170mm gun that I built is from them. I got four of them from Randy and two of the 210mm guns. While the kits are not cheap, they are excellent models. They can be hard to build, but they are worth the work. I have almost all their WWII German armor. There are still a few more on my wishlist too.

In reading Plastic Solder Review, I notice that my friend Dave has stated that in 2009 there have been more soft plastic figures released than in any other single year. Wow, that's great news. Keep that going by going out and buying some soft plastic figures. The lead time of plastic figures is one to five years and I know several companies have told me that they are not planning any new sets right now that are not already in the pipeline due to slow sales. If you like plastic army men, this is the time to support those companies you like by going out and buying some!

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