Friday, November 20, 2009

Italeri AT Set

An anti-tank set with an actual anti-tank guy. This WWII German is from the Italeri Anti-tank set. He is similar to the Italeri Soviet figure in a like pose. He also does not have the sight up on his panzerfaust. One wrong figure is a bad figure, two bad figures is poor research.

Too bad such an excellently sculpted figure is marred by such a foolish error.

This German figure also has a panzerfaust. He is holding it in an unlikely pose, the arming bar and the sight is not in the upright position as it would be to fire. The back end of the rocket launcher seems to be under his arm, which would burn him if he did fire in this pose. Another beautiful figure, badly researched.

This would be a great figure if he were holding an assault rifle or if he had the panzerfaust in the correct position.

An anti-tank set with a machine gunner. The Germans used vast numbers of different kinds of anti-tank weapons. Grenades, mines, at least three kinds of panzerfaust, magnetic mines, rockets, hollow point projectiles on grenade launchers, anti-tank rifles, wire guided missiles, all sorts of weapons, so why we are given a moving machine gunner I can't imagine. Machine guns can be used to cause tankers to button up and to help blind them by shooting the vision blocks, but they really are not anti-tanks weapons as such.

This is a great set, with some fantastic poses, but the research is poor and we should have gotten better from them. Now we will be seeing these poorly researched figures in the shops for the rest of my life. Molds of this kind last for 40 or 50 years, so they really should spend a few more weeks on research to get the pose and weapons correct.


Jim. said...

The Germans issued AP belts for the MG-34. It wouldn't do much good against anything but the little light tanks like the Mark VIs of the Brits, but it would rip thru AT gun shields and litely armored vehicles like half-tracks.

Bunkermeister said...

Very true Jim. Still, I don't think of the MG-34 as an AT weapon as such. With so many other choices, I think Italeri could have done better.