Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Phersu Miniatures

Phersu Miniatures cave men. 1/72nd scale figures in resin.

Here are two of the female standing figures. This is a pretty complete collection of figures. They are both male and female, standing and seating. Some are fighting and others are not.

A couple of these figures are hairy humanoids. Center bottom row, with two clubs, and top left with one club. The small animals are here too. Dogs, pig, and sabre tooth tiger are very nicely done.

The two standing female figures with a Caesar Miniatures WWII German in 1/72nd scale. As you can see the sculpting and anatomy are very fine, they fit well with plastic figures.


Mad Carew said...

Thanks for sharing this - I haven't heard of these minis before.
The web-site shows that they make some interesting and unusual subjects - I like the look of the Etruscans.

Bunkermeister said...

Mad Carew, Glad you liked them. I have wanted cave men forever and was really happy to find this company. They are working on making some of their products in metal, but very slowly.

Bob G. said...

Love to know who carves the orginals for the molds of these figures...that person has some SERIOUS talent.

Much like the man who used to do the old MARX figures, and later those civil war pewters,Francis Barnum.
Got to speak to him at dinner one year in Gettysburg when I won one of his pewter figures...very nice man.

Good to see such quality work in miniature.

Bunkermeister said...

Not positive, but I think the owner of the company is a jack of all trades and does the work himself.