Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foo Fighter

Giant bomber swarms of B-17 Fortresses, sometimes a thousand at a time. Returning from raids over Germany they report to intelligence officers "Foo Fighters." They swoop down through the bomber swarm and bright lights and despite the combined fire of dozens of B-17's they never get hit.

One of these new Vonder Veapons lands in the Eastern Territories of the Reich.

A platoon of Luftwaffe paratroops responds to the landing of this unfamilar weapon.

Not sure what to make of this glowing disc, the platoon deploys around the weapon in a way to avoid a crossfire, yet still bring the weapon under fire.

The troops close on the Foo Fighter, taking advantage of cover, and being prepared for the worst.
German Paratroopers, WWII 1/72nd scale from Caesar Miniatures, and UFO from Pegasus Hobbies.


Bob G. said...

(fallschirmjagers against a UFO...who knew?)

Bunkermeister said...

Once East Germany and West Germany got back together we found out a lot of stuff we did not know.

Karcuss said...

Or they started publishing it (goverment timed release of offical documentation) and made some theories and not so Public Knowledge correct insted of myth and fiction.

And there is another lot due and another lot and then the 100 years thing 2039 - 2045 (2046) etc etc
So it becomes public knowledge,

and we will be long gone when some things you may not wish to know happen, some major rewrites when us current lot of Survivors and the direct dececedents ie our Grandfathers and our Fathers and us the sons, living now (Non- gender metaphore ie substitute the Female in the above)


Bunkermeister said...

Yes, at fifty years we got a lot of good information and it still keeps coming. I want to live to be 150 years old, just to read what really happened!