Tuesday, April 13, 2010

E-Boat S-Boat

In WWII the Germans built a large number of big PT boat type craft called fast boats. Here is one I am working on in 1/72nd scale by Revell Germany. I got the bridge area done in this photo.

The kit has about ten thousand little parts. They are flash free and fit together really well.

I cut the hull in half so that the boat would be waterline. The big trick is to align the location where the cut will go for the waterline.

The directions are are step by step with drawings rather than any written instructions. They are pretty good, but test fitting is essential.

The bow of the boat after the lower hull has been cut off. This is a good kit, and totally different from model from the Airfix model. Something to fight the Flower Class Corvette!


Karcuss said...

hi Mike

that would be E - Boat

british term Enemy Boat and Schnell for German is Quick, Faster
hence S - boat.

Never get around to getting these revell does two and Lucky Model HK does them very cheap.

And about to get some 1/35 railway stuff from them (that would be Trumpeter and Dragon Armoured Train stuff, So maybe the S- boats will end up in that order. along with the two U-boats and maybe two more as one withe resin interiors and the other spare as Milch cow conversion.

Anyhow build up the Sub assemblies
(not submarine assemblies Ha Ha) and see how it looks.
there is a resin crew (several sets) MK from Czech rep?? if interested or already know about them


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Karcuss, I have both the Revell and Airfix sets of S-Boat & E-Boat!

Mine will be crewed by a mix of Airfix hard plastic and Revell soft plastic sailors.

Bob G. said...

I can smell the salt air coming off the North Channel already...!

Looks to be a damn fine kit...keep us posted.

Karcuss said...

how many boxes of revell sailors do you or are going to get, As also Lucky Models seem to do Revell and Italeri for a small amount U.S and also has some More Modern German stuff at $5 - $10 a box.

And thinking three boxes of Sailors
one as scrap to crew and convert.
And the second box to bulk up a Parade formation. with the ex-odememars, Ykreol, you have alredy done that i suppose

Forgot about the Airfix one they should do a re realese.
Thinking of using them for the salt smell Atlantic but also for Crimea retreat.