Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ykreol This is a sneak preview of several new figure sets from Ykreol.

Ykreol has released a new line of prone figures in 1/72nd scale.

These figures just arrived in the mail from my friend Yves, who owns the company. He often sends me a few samples for review.

This stack includes WWII Germans, winter, WWII Russians, and WWII Berlin dead Germans.

These figures fit perfectly with Caesar Miniatures, and fill a gap of prone figures. They are cutting wire, lifting and planting mines, standing by with grenades, loading machine guns and of course, being dead. Look for more photos of individual figures and a review soon.


ModernKiwi said...

I thought you didn't like the dead ones Mike?

Very cool mind you, so much of modern warfare is spent crawling on your belly, so it's good to have figures showing it, even if they are damn hard to do bases for.

Bunkermeister said...

They are only resting...

Actually, I am going to use them as wounded for my hospital in my Flak Tower.

You are right ModernKiwi, I don't like dead figures, in general.