Sunday, April 11, 2010


Waterloo 1815 1/72nd scale USMC WWII .30 cal air cooled light machine gun. The machine gun looks backwards, and while the machine gun can be traversed 360 degrees, the normal method of firing is with the rear of the gun between the two legs and the barrel over the single leg.

The shooter fits pretty well with the LMG.

The loader is excellent. He is just about the best kneeling loader figure - ever!

An officer figure in a rather odd kneeling pose. He probably looks better posed to crest a hill or on the top of a Japanese bunker.

The machine gun crew together. I would probably add the officer figure with the LMG crew, and use him as the gun leader / spotter. A three man crew is really a minimum on these guns, in fact, they often used many more men to carry ammo, a light machine gun can just eat up bullets.
Overall, this is a great set. Some unique figures like the grenade launcher, and the dog handler are just terrific. The flame thrower is hardly unique, but a great pose. Highly recommended. Someone doing WWII USMC would be well advised to get some of these guys and use them with the Airfix USMC for greater variety and a more late war feel.

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