Sunday, April 18, 2010

More S Boat

The S Boat with the sheet styrene glued to the bottom of the hull. I have to cut the edges of the sheet styrene with a craft knife so they are even with the bottom of the hull.

A better waterline view of the new hull size.

Once the bottom is glued on, I have to glue on the decks. I use XActo clamps to hold the deck and hull side walls together. They remind me of dockside cranes.

A group of German Commanders has stopped by to visit the shipyard.

Odemars German Commanders in 1/72nd scale are molded in several colors including blue. I use the blue ones for ranking naval officers.


Bob G. said...

Looking good, Boss.

And adding the German "supervisors" on the jobsite is marvelous...LOL!

Coming along nicely.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Bob. I often fool around a bit with the models while I am building them. Imagine them on the wargame table, and take photos with troops on them for scale.