Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paratroopers vs UFOs

Caesar Miniatures 1/72nd scale soft plastic WWII German Paratroopers vs the 1/72nd scale Area 51 UFO from Pegasus Hobbies that I got from my friend Larry Pegasus.

The paratroopers sneak up to the round craft. With no wings, or propellers, or even rockets or jets it seems a strange aircraft.

The craft landed vertically, certainly the Reich has been testing vertical take of and landing craft, could this be one of them?

The lieutenant sends a squad forward to check the craft out while the remainder of the platoon stays back to provide covering fire. It could be a German machine.

But perhaps the Russians, no, more likely the British or those Americans have come up with a new weapon to destroy Germany. No matter, in a few moments, we will see who is inside...


Karcuss said...

will try to find the Special from Luftwaffe 1946 (comic book) on the UFOs and all the VTOL stuff and etc

The way things are going it will be super power German Zombie Power troops from the new Alternate after the war or into 1946 - 47.
(or from the Ykroel sets with the maybe mad doctor scientist. there are three sprues so that is three working together on mad Nazi schemes, but you probaly have eight boxes making 24 scientist.)

that will jumping out of your UFO and taking out your Fallscrimjager


Bunkermeister said...

Well, yeah.

Karcuss said...

have i ruined the plot

as in the blog i have just read they are just about to see...
in case you read this in a couple days after


Bunkermeister said...

Karcuss, I only took a few photos that day, I will finish the story later, you did not ruin anything.

Karcuss said...

we are waitng the con clusion


anyway back to the S - Boat

Bunkermeister said...

I need a good day for photos, probably later this week!