Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of the most difficult parts of this model was gluing down the windows. They did not fit well and I spent a lot of time trimming. Eventually, using a combination of super glue, epoxy, Plaststuct, and regular model glue and clear window glue, they came out pretty good.

Use good quality brushes. I get mine at art supply stores, mostly. They have a wide variety and the brushes will last a long time. Some of these brushes are over 20 years old. I really like sable bristles. Theses small brushes were important for the cockpit details and pilot.

A toothpick can come in handy when applying glue to small places. I like five minute epoxy because it drys fast and you don't have to hold the parts in place long.

Having a lot of glues is important so that you can glue different materials together.

I used Testors, Gunze Sanyo, and Tamya paints on the cockpit and pilot.

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