Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Waterloo 1815 are marketing US Marines for WWII. These are 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures.

This figure carries a Thompson submachine gun. He has a dog, Marines used many dogs in the jungle to ferret out the hidden Japanese. The dog is a bit small, the Marines used many Dobermans, this dog is no Doberman.

A kneeling bazooka man. Not quite into position, but getting ready. Like the others in the set, he wears the cloth helmet cover. Very typical of USMC late WWII.

This is a nice figure, really action packed.

Charging figure, with M-1 rifle. These figures are all in the style of Caesar Miniatures. It is rumored they are made by Caesar and sold by Waterloo. Good set, well sculpted. More photos soon.


Karcuss said...

hi Bunkermeister

these Marines look doo able are there three sprues or two of the same

hope all is OK on the work front etc
busy painting 6mm stuff on commision
So have been reading your blog but not much else

my blog is getting dust on it, not that i don't have about 1000 phots

cheers karcuss

GEM Team said...

I have to buy these ones...