Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Another view of the charging USMC figure from Waterloo 1815. Soft plastic, 1/72nd scale figures for late WWII.

The flamethrower was an important weapon for the Marines in WWII. The Japanese were great at building bunkers, and using caves to hide in. The flamethrower could not only burn them directly, but it could suffocate them by burning up all the oxygen inside the cave or bunker.

This is the late war flamethrower. The Marines also used them to set the vegetation on fire. The plants would burn away and expose the enemy positions. This weapon weighted almost a hundred pounds, not conducive to running very fast.

Officer / radio operator figure. This guy is perfect for a forward observer for your artillery.

Marines often had naval gunfire on call. Destroyers would come in so close they would actually run up onto the sand the water would get so shallow! My wargame rules give a bonus to firing with an observer who can see the fall of shot and direct the corrections onto the target.

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