Thursday, April 22, 2010

Missile Kit

The Germans developed many versions of the V-2 missile in WWII.

They had mobile missile launching platforms that could be set up in minutes and the missiles launched, support vehicles moved out before the Allied planes could show up.

This is one of the long range piloted versions. They were planning to hit New York City with several of the long range missiles.

This 1/72nd scale kit was easy to put together and looks very nice when it is done.

The kit has few parts and they fit together well.


Bob G. said...

Now there's something I have NEVER seen before.
(and I've got me a copy of Warplanes of the Thrid Reich - huge hardback from the 19760s...LOL)
Very nice kit.

Bunkermeister said...

You need to get out more Bob. ;)

The Germans had a number of long range V2 projects, mostly designed to hit the US, particularly New York City.

Bob G. said...

I know I REALLY need to...LOL.

I've STILL got a 1/48th scale Dornier DO-335 (Pfeil) that needs building.
(someday least before I get too feeble to extract patience from myself)

And I wish SOMEONE would make a really DECENT model of the Martin-Baker MB5 (I don't like those vacuform kits)
IMHO, this was the BEST piston-engine plane that was never produced...and I LOVE the Mustangs!

(some guy out by you was supposed to be building an MB5...hasn't finished yet)

Bunkermeister said...

I agree Bob G. I am not a big fan of vacuform kits either. I have done a few but they are very time consuming and often not durable for wargames.