Thursday, April 8, 2010

Waterloo 1815 USMC

This figure just screams USMC! The unbloused trouser legs, the cloth covered helmet, the Thompson Submachine gun. Awesome.

He has the correct magazine pouches for the SMG. His eyeline is along the Thompson, in line with the sights. His bent over pose is great, as he leans into the guns recoil.

The bipod using prone BAR gunner. The bipod is helpful for the recoil put out by this heavy weapon.

This is a good pose, the bipod is two separate parts.

The 81mm mortar in the set is a nice addition, but with only one leg of the bipod it is an odd figure. It sort of looks like the bipod legs are folded together, but that would not be a typical method of firing the mortar.


Bob G. said...

Those are some GREAT figures.
I take it they're 1/72nd, right?

Sure beats anything Ive seen to date.
And that means I'm going to start looking for some.

The BAR is spot on, and the devil dog w/ the Thompson is the best pose I've ever seen...period.

I would have thought that the mortar was one of those "knee" mortars (no tripod), but it's a bit on the large side for that.

Please don;t say they're discontinued...(crosses fingers)

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, Bog G they are 1/72nd scale.

They are very new so they could be hard to find, not all the stores have them yet.

Not a knee mortar.