Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Boo Boo, It's Mr. Ranger

Boley Models has a well deserved reputation for making crappy military vehicle models in HO 1/87 scale. But they also make excellent civilian trucks, even with a license from the maker of the original truck. This is a Boley HO scale water tanker truck, in US Forest Service markings.

This other vehicle is a US Forest Service fire truck. Boley makes at least three US Forest Service trucks, and they are all just perfect right out of the package.

My wargame group has divided up the world history and we each buy separate things. I am tasked with buying US Forest Service items. So if we play a game that requires park rangers to show up and put out a forest fire, then it is up to me to have those vehicles at hand. This is true for the whole Forest Service history, so if we are fighting fires during WWII then I need to whip up some older fire trucks. Other players are responsible for alternative energy, coal production, European cities, USMC and so on. That way our group does not have nine players all buying a Panther battalion and no one to play against.

These are great trucks, nicely detailed, painted, decalled. I even saved part of the package to use as a sign when entering the forest.

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