Friday, December 5, 2008

Bill Jr's 247

At long last the assembled photos of Bill Jr's Custom Military Models German WWII Sd.Kfz. 247 kit. I worked on this model off and on for several weeks. It is HO scale, 1/87th, made in resin.

The model goes together okay, the top and bottom hull parts don't fit perfectly but with a little fooling around they matched up well. I put it together with 5 minute epoxy glue. It has good gap filling properties and when dried can be sanded, cut and painted like the resin.

The command car is painted in Tamiya German Panzer Grey, and I overall brushed it with Rustall. Decals are from some old Fujimi kit from the spares box. Only a few of these were made and they were used as high level command vehicles. I got one for my SS Panzer Korps HQ. A good kit, I like it!



EXCELLENT. This is a very nice piece

Bunkermeister said...

Their is an earlier post that shows it unassembled and it does not look like much in the raw from, but it does build up into a nice kit. I talked to Bill Jr recently and he is upgrading the kit so it should be even better!


yeah will be great

Bunkermeister said...

Adding resin kits to your collection can really give you a much broader selection of vehicles. I have hundreds of them.

Bill Jr said...

Thanxs Mike,
Wait till you see what I have coming down the Pike ;-)

Bill Jr

Bunkermeister said...

Bill you always have good stuff, and I look forward to seeing it!

I know the new US Army Sherman tank based ARV is awesome!