Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feed Me Now

One of my favorite sets is the Imex Pioneers set. It is one of the most versatile sets ever made. I bet you can use those figures for a period of five hundred years or more. They have such generic American / European clothing, you can find people dressed like that today in some rural parts of America.

I particularly like the little accessories you get with the set. The camp fire and pigs and other animals are very useful. This is part of my WWII German kitchen area. Usually there were specialized wagons or trucks that would perform the cooking of meals for German troops in the field in WWII. Sometimes they would be too far back, too tactically out of position or just plain destroyed. It was often the case that units would take on local help to prepare meals and assign troops to work with them.

The woman with the basket is from the Imex Eastern Friendly Indians set and these figures work well together to create a camp scene.

My intention is to combine them with my WWII German bakers from SHQ Miniatures in metal to produce several mess sections for one of my battalions, giving each company their own ability to make their own meals. In my rules set, units that don't eat lose their ability to move, because an army moves on their stomach.

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