Monday, December 1, 2008

Imex MexAmer War Set

The new 1/72nd scale Imex Americans from the Mexican American War are a good set. I have so far purchased two sets of them and elements of two photos are shown here. I am very happy with the set, they troops are flash free, well animated, good size and good poses. Here you can see a few of them advancing along a fortress wall, and down along the moat.

Here is a couple of lines of troops marching, with an officer and a drummer. I like most of the poses very much, the marching guys are good and the drummer is very nice too.

This officer is firing his pistol and waving his sword, a great action figure. There are two flag guys in the set, one standing being wounded and one kneeling shooting a pistol. The pistol guy has his flag arm as a separate piece.

This rear view of the wounded flag man and drummer.

Elements of two boxes of figures in the attack. I anticipate taking some of the Imex Texas Alamo Defenders and add them to this set and also converting some of these to artillery and cavalry. I will probably use various ACW sets. While this is a rather obscure war, it is very interesting and a quick web search will reveal a lot of great information about it.

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