Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fez Fashionz

Side view of the man carrying his rifle. An amazing figure pose, not one usually seen in plastic without separate parts.

The Caesar Miniatures German Mountain Troops have troops in regular German mountain troops uniform and in the Fez. The figure on the left is really great, he carries his Kar 98 like a real soldier.

These two guys are highly detailed. The SMG figure had a bent weapon when I took him out of the package but a one second repair of pushing it straight with my finger and it was fixed. No glue, no heating, no tools, just push it into place.

The set comes with two different grenade throwing figures. Grenades are very useful in the mountains. Note the SMG on the guy in the fez, it will just bend back into place with one finger.

Caesar figure with a tan colored Odemars Bosnian Infantry figure. The Odemars figures are a tiny bit larger, but within the margin of error. I plan on mixing the two sets.

Marching troops in each set. Much of war is just a walk in the sun. Marching from one point to another.

The Odemars set also has a horse mounted officer and several other poses not shown here. Both are good sets, the Odemars are also sold in several different colors.


Nuno M. Cabeçadas said...

I cannot see it clearly, but the figure carrying the Kar98 seems holding it near the trigger guard. I have experience with this rifle and the gun will not be balanced, with too much weight to the front and doubt could hold if for a while.

Happy New Year, Mike

Bunkermeister said...

Hello Nuno, yes, you are correct he is holding the rifle just forward of the trigger guard, with the butt lower than the muzzle for balance. It probably is not a good position for a long distance rifle carry.

I have added a new photo to show this better as both my original photo and the PSR photo don't show it well.

Nuno M. Cabeçadas said...

The Kar98K is still available here for cerimonial duties and some use it for sniping with a recent aiming device. The old Mauser is more powerful than the PSG-1 chambered for the standard 7.62x51 NATO round. Its interesting to see a weapon with almost a century with a night vision, IR or laser device being used in the XXI century.

The new picture shows much better how the gun is being handled and is not as bad as I tought before.


Bunkermeister said...

Nuno I am all about the customer service, so I wanted you to feel good about the set.

IMHO firearms technology has not really advanced that much in the last 100 years. M1911, MP44, and you just about got it all really.