Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Caesar and Liberation Miniatures

Liberation Miniatures metal figures firing a tripod mounted grenade launcher from the collection of COL Jim. The man in the back is a Caesar Miniatures figure for size comparison.

More Liberation Miniatures troops with Caesar Miniatures. The Liberation Miniatures are about one or two mm shorter and a bit thicker than the Caesar Miniatures. This is pretty typical for plastic vs metal figures. I don't know that I would necessarily mix them in the same squad but they are good enough for me to put them in the same platoon.

I would use the Liberation Miniatures to fill in the gaps left by the Caesar figures. Heavy weapons like this one would not necessarily be next to the massed infantry so the difference would not be so noticeable. Also painting and basing them in a similar manner would help a lot too.

As you can see from the close of view of this ATGM the Liberation Miniatures are pretty good figures and the weapons are quite nice.

Tripod mounted machine gun and infantry from Liberation Miniatures. COL Jim mounted his metal figures on sheet plastic bases and gave them a primer base coat. The tripods are one part with the space between the legs filled in with the terrain. Looks even better when actually painted up and is very durable. These are very good as wargame soldiers.


Jim. said...

I actually had about 18 or so painted LibMin Russians the unfortunately have gone missing. The loss has put me off painting for a while.
Jim French

Jim. said...

As to chunkiness vs plastic, I think that is something to do with the two media. The only really "skinny" metal figures I would say are the SHQ troops. I can live with the chunkiness. It reminds me of me.