Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cossack Field Forge

Ingo Germany constructed a conversion of the HaT Napoleonic French Field Forge into a smaller version. I liked his conversion so much that I made a similar one for my WWII German Cossacks.

I used the Field Forge and cut down the chassis to make it shorter. I removed the front axle and made it a one horse wagon. I put a HaT Cossack on the back of the horse. This wagon will allow this unit to repair damaged wagons. Part of my wargaming rules require maintenance equipment to repair vehicles.

For the smithy, I cut off his head and used a head from a HaT Cossack mounted figure. The assistant I left the same.

The HaT WWII German military police officers makes a nice horse holder. I mounted the entire wagon and horse on a bit to Evergreen Plastic sheet styrene.

My WWII Germans are getting two different Cossacks hosts, one is Orthodox Christian and the second host is Muslim. Since the Soviet Union was an atheist nation they oppressed all religious persons but the Germans allowed both Christian and Muslim groups to join their armies. These gray troops will join my Islam host. These two hosts will form my Cossack regiment.

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