Thursday, December 25, 2008

German Mountain Troops from Caesar

Much of Europe is mountains and they often have snow on them. Being able to fight in those conditions requires special training and special gear. In WWII the Germans had divisions with just those qualifications.

These are some fotos of the new Caesar Miniatures set German Mountain Troops. The set contains both regular German Mountain Troops and troops wearing the fez. Some Muslim troops served in German SS Mountain Troop units and this set includes a few of those troops.

These are the regular uniforms found from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arctic Circle. Germans landed small parties along the coast of Russia and Norway and Greenland to predict the weather and they wore uniforms much like these troops.

As usual this Caesar set is flash free, the figures are highly animated and the poses are great! The set includes this officer figure with binoculars, a light machine gunner who is firing from a kneeling pose and two grenade throwers. The old Airfix set is totally outclassed by these troops, although the specialized mountain climbing, bike riding, and mule skinning guys from that set will still be useful.
I will post more photos from this set and others from Caesar over the next couple days.

These are the poses that are not wearing the fez but the field cap. Generally good action figures with lots of shooting. A nice little Christmas set from Caesar Miniatures!

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