Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wargame Game Theory

Game Theory

            Human beings have remained relatively constant, biologically, for all of recorded history.  The ability of the average person to see, hear and move has not improved much in the history of warfare.  Technology has allowed people to see farther, hear better, and move faster.  These technological advancements have been one of the key factors driving tactics.  Successful tactics seek to optimize the ability of weapons to destroy the enemy.

             The mind of the commander is not simulated on the game table.  Each player acts as a unit commander, and brings his own mind to the game.  In all times the commander must use the given troops and technology to accomplish the mission.
Wargame scenarios are determined by the number of models on hand and they type of terrain you have to use for the game.  The referee or the players can determine the initial placement of the models and terrain.

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