Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pegasus Flag Waving Russians

Take the torso of the flag waving man and glue it to the lower body of the Zhukov horse riding body.

Due to the change in weight and balance on the horse, he needs a base to continue to stand up.

This figure is based on a propaganda poster.

Take off the Russian, and you have a German casualty, killed or wounded.

Put him on the base from the flag waving guy who was mounted on the horse and you have a stand alone flag waving man.

Flag waving men and casualty, before and after the photo.


Pete. said...

Really great conversions Mike, inspiring stuff that gives me things to think about.



Mike Creek said...

Thanks Pete. Several years ago when I first saw the test shots of this set I figured it was worth maybe buying one at the most. Now with the conversion potential it's looking light my two sets may not be enough!