Sunday, December 22, 2013

Strategic Turns

            Strategic turns are best used to cover large distances or long periods of time.  Units are moved on the map using the largest possible size units.  Battalions are the smallest size units that frequently operate independently.  Make small counters to fit the size of the map you are using.  One of the best ways is to use a board game for the strategic turns and fight the combat in miniature.  Board game counters can be used on your own maps.  Your own maps can be drawn to reflect the nature of the terrain and buildings you have available to you.

            A strategic turn can last one hour or one day.  The Bunkermeister will inform the players of the time interval and determine the distance units will move.  Movement is dependant on unit type and terrain.  A truck company going forty miles per hour, driving round the clock, might move several hundred miles in a day.  A foot infantry battalion in one day might only move 20 miles in rough terrain, much less in jungle or mountains.

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