Saturday, December 7, 2013

Foil & Sticks

There are several items I always try to have in my tool box.  Heavy duty aluminum foil, the type often used for lining broilers is very useful.  It usually comes in extra large sizes which is nice too.  I use it to cover my work area when I am working with resin, or messy paints.  It helps keep the work area clean because I can just toss it out and replace it.

Foil is also useable as a small try for mixing epoxy, paints, or resin in small quantities.   I always use it for mixing epoxy.  I tear it up into postage stamp size bits and always keep a few of them around in case of a need for epoxy.  I use a long toothpick to apply the epoxy.

I also use wooden coffee stirrers.  They come in handy for many projects.  First off, they will work well for stirring paint or epoxy or resin, since they are stirrers after all.  I also use them as shims to support some of my work.  I have also used them as wooden floorboards or fort walls.  I get them at a warehouse store and they only cost a few cents each.

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