Friday, December 27, 2013

Parts is Parts

Recently at Dollar Tree I picked up this set of four military vehicles.

I also got this set of police vehicles.

These two helicopters are not bad and they would make pretty good drones.

The boats are a bit small but I am thinking of cutting down the superstructure, they might be okay.

This is a great upper LAV upper in just about HO scale.

Not bad for 25 cents.

A van and a truck, I got this set for parts, I will show you what I built with it soon.


Don M said...

Make those LAV uppers into GEVs
you can do it with putty or those
bendable drinking straws....)

Don M said...

on second thought I'd do the GEV treatment on the truck and van as well!

Bill said...

I have to agree hover skirts would work on all of them!

Mike Creek said...

I might just do that.