Sunday, December 8, 2013


Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics.  There are many places to look for hobby items, if you know where to look.  First, anyplace you go, check out the toy department.  Supermarkets, drug stores, usually have a small toy department.  Sometimes you find some odd toys that don't get wide distribution and are not found anywhere else.  I have also found a lot of good stuff at teacher supply stores.  They often have animals, dinosaurs and even police and fire vehicles.

Model tools can be found many places too.  Not only hobby shops and train stores have them, but many hardware stores have hobby tools too.  Doll house shops have tools and sometimes interesting little bits for conversions or scratch building.  The grooming section in a drug store often has clippers, nail files, scissors, and other small tools that work well for hobby work.  Often they are a lot cheaper than regular hobby tools.

Even in hobby shops there are gems waiting to be discovered.  I collect HO / OO / 1/72nd scale vehicles and troops and buildings.  Still, I have found many 15mm buildings and accessories work very well.  How big is a stack of boxes?  I have also found O gauge buildings with very small doors that worked fine with 1/72nd scale figures.  Keep your eyes open and look for both bargains and good models in unusual locations.

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