Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anti-Martian Guns

This version of the gun has a strap over the barrel and a brass knob at the breech end.  This is a battery of four guns.

This four gun battery is the barrel with no barrel straps.  The breech has three rings on it.

This version of the gun has two green straps over the barrel and has a square breech block.

My full battalion of three batteries, in both the gray and green carriages.

When the Martians land in Texas in 1898, they will face these guns.


Sam Wise said...

nPoor Martians ... and if they have landed with peaceful intents and/or sophisticate technology ???

Nice guns!

Mike Creek said...

In most of human history when a high technology group meets a low technology group, the low technology group is typically enslaved, destroyed, marginalized or absorbed. I suspect an interplanetary visit would result in the same.