Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Krieg & Company HO Tankers



Bill from Kreig and Company sent me a selection of HO 1/87th scale metal figures.

These are WWII German tank commanders.

These are Russians, also from WWII.  The figures are flash free and well sculpted.

I like the man with the SMG and the flag man is nicely animated.

These are WWII US Army tankers.  The half figures are designed to fit inside open tank hatches.

All of the standing figures have their feet close together and they should fit into most tank turrets.  They are especially useful for standing on or around tanks or inside halftracks or self propelled guns.
You can order them from Krieg & Company, 1602 Belle View Blvd, Unit 850, Alexandria, VA 22307 USA  or by phone, 703.338.4494.  Contact them on the web at

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