Monday, December 9, 2013

Original Tank Video

This video is about American Sherman tanks in WWII.  When writing wargame rules it is important to know what you are writing about.  I try and use original source materials.  It tells you the doctrines and intentions of the original users.

There were manuals prepared for WWII German Tiger I crews.  They explain how the tank should be used.  They also tell how valuable the tank is to them.  The explain the expense and difficulty the manufacture of heavy tanks was and how the tanks are employed.  They also tell how important the tanks are to the national defense and urge soldiers not to allow the enemy to capture them.

When looking for original source material, youtube is an excellent source for videos.  Launching one and then clicking on the links from the first one will usually take you to a number of similar videos.  Used book stores are a good source of old field manuals too.  Manuals and original videos are also good for painting and marking information.

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