Friday, August 9, 2013

Yahoo Groups

Hello beloved readers.  I belong to a number of Yahoo Groups about specific topics and I invite you to inspect them at your leisure.

This group is about comic books.  We discus anything comic related, movies, action figures, all things related to comic book heroes, keeping it PG.

A group for people who like Roco Minitanks, Paul Heiser Models and other expressions of HO 1/87 scale military models.

This is my miniature wargame group.  We discuss anything related to warfare, miniature or life size.  Even politics are okay, because war is politics by other means.  All I ask is that you don't call people, especially each other, names; and the politics should relate to military events.

A group for those who keep watching the skys!  It's for real or imagined, fiction or fantasy, if it's a man from Mars you are looking for, he's here.

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