Saturday, August 10, 2013

Plastic Soldier US Army

A closer look at the new Plastic Soldier Company US Army, Late WWII set, in 1/72nd scale.

Walkie Talkie operator and grenade thrower.  The man on the left is pulling the pin on a grenade.  Not as dramatic as someone doing it with his teeth, but more accurate.  The man with the radio has a little mold flaw in his back and is a bit thin.

One thing Saving Private Ryan did for us is get us a few guys with Springfield rifles.  What most people don't realize is the Springfield was often used for the rifle grenade, not just as sniper rifle.

Most troops in Infantry units dumped their Springfield for an M1 right away, but actually hundred of thousands of them served in combat support units due to a shortage of M1s.

I like that this set gives you so many BARs.  Each squad had one BAR, but many picked up two or even three.

I suspect many of these figures will be parceled out to other sets to help fill up their BAR needs.  The Thompson gunner is not very action packed but an okay figure.

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