Friday, August 2, 2013

Roco M60A3 Tank

Master Modeler Wayne Wanner has made up some M60A3 turrets and is putting them on his Roco M60 series tanks.
"I had to fill some holes in the bottoms (of the turrets) and I added Evergreen rod for the turret pins. I used Testors primer before applying Tamiya NATO green. I cheeped out and didn't bother to camouflage them.

That's not too inaccurate either as the M60A3's we used for almost 10 years, (in the US Army Reserve) were never camouflaged. They were paint a solid NATO green color. I then applied some mud and black washes from AK and Vallejo.

I used brass rod for .50 barrels, not perfect but serviceable.

Overall despite several inaccuracies and flaws, I still think they're excellent war game candidates. And fill a void of M60A3's and a mine plow M60 series.  I did do a little research and found several pictures of M60A1's and A3's that have the mine plow mounted. It seems the Marines used them too, especially on the their reactive armor M-60A1's."

HO scale Roco M60 series tanks upgraded to the M60A3 tank with mine plows.  Great job WW!

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