Thursday, August 22, 2013

Missing Airfix Bit

While building an old Airfix kit I realized it was missing one of five canopy parts.  I went on their website and ordered the part and this was their response:

"This is an automated response to your email.

We acknowledge receipt of your email  and thank you for contacting our Customer
Care Team.  We will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. Airfix and Corgi
spares requests can take up to 28 days and we would only contact you again if we
cannot supply the part or require further information."

28 days!  Are they doing a special run of the kit to make the part? 

The next day I got this message:

"Dear Sir
We have today packed your parts.
They will be leaving us tomorrow.
Best Regards
Airfix Spares"

Okay, that's a lot better than 28 days.  I will let you know when it arrives here in the USA.

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