Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Billy Hill, RN & MPC Mountain

Master Figure Collector Billy Hill, RN sent me these photos of the massive MPC Mountain.

His collection of MPC troops, tanks and rocket launchers attacks the mountain, defended by Germans!

The Mountain is a honeycomb of tunnels and every entrance has a cannon or troops defending it.


Seen from the German point of view there are plenty of troops to keep coming every time one is hit at the entrance another is ready to take his place.

 The MPC sandbag emplacements ring the mountain fortress providing just that much more difficulty in making the assault.

Dismounted rockets return fire!
This playset is an excellent value and is in great condition.  Billy Hill, RN, thanks for taking the time to take the photos!


Don M said...

Man s that ever a flash back!

Mike Creek said...

Although I had lots of MPC stuff as a kid, I don't remember the mountain.