Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paint and Stickers

About 40 years ago I started buying this Testors, Flat Tan paint.  I use it as my standard "dirt" color.

It works for any light color earth, sand or dirt.  Since I use it on all my terrain as the dirt color, my terrain can be used together more easily.

The top of the bottle has a Testors logo on it.  I take an Avery label, write the name and number of the paint on the label and then stick it to the lid.  That way I can tell what color the paint is just from the top of the bottle.  Many companies make the lid out of a plastic color that is the color of the paint, I leave those alone, but this works nicely for the other brands.  As an added bonus, unopened, extra jars of paint only get the serial number written on the label.  That way I don't have more than one bottle of any color open at a time.

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