Sunday, August 11, 2013

Late War US Army

The officer and the radio guy.

There should be a wire between these two and the backpack antenna can be up to, I think, fifteen feet high!  I use a heavy brush bristle for the antennas.

Variations on standing and firing.  The man on the right reminds me of the old Matchbox pose, but much larger.

These guys should be wearing more gear, at least more ammo pouches on their belts.

The M1 rifleman and BAR gunner are essentially the same figure.  The BAR gunner should have big ammo pouches for his 20 round magazines and the M1 rifleman should have little pouches.

The aid man with the wounded guy.

He has his bag but only one canteen.  Usually they carried a canteen for themselves and one for the wounded.

Wounded guy has an actual hole in his back, probably shrapnel.  This is a good set, but I think they will be spread out with my ESCI / Italeri GI's and my Revell GIs to give them more radios, BARs, and medics.

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