Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MPC Mountain 60mm Goodness

Master Figure Collector Billy Hill, RN has sent me some photos of his MPC Mountain Fortress.

This playset came with troops, vehicles, rockets and a great cardboard hill, with elevator!

Here is a shot of the box, the instructions and the start of the hill.  It's very thick cardboard, using metal and plastic clips to hold it together.  The original box is plain, but interesting.  This set is probably 40 years old or more.

The front of the hill components, with the large elevator shaft in front.

The rear of the same parts.  It works like a playhouse with the rear open for soldiers to move around inside.

The elevator has a car that raises and lowers to transport the troops to the upper levels.

There is a lot of play value in this little bit of cardboard.


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