Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Real Tank Combat

This is a video of various tanks and BMPs in Syria fighting the rebel forces.  There are also several short video clips inserted from the rebel point of view that show them attacking the same tanks.  So it's a rare opportunity to literally see a battle from both sides.

This is an excellent training video for those who do tank combat, in built up areas.  At one intersection I could count over 100 windows that were within easy RPG range of the tanks video.  A couple times I saw automatic weapons fire that did not draw fire from the tanks.  The situational awareness of these tankers is very low.  They fire one round and everything is just all dust for a minute or more.  When they move the dust rolls up so thick you can't even see the front of your own tank.

Their tank infantry cooperation is almost zero.  The troops, if any, never seem to dismount from the BMPs.  The tanks almost seem to just randomly fire at buildings, but I can't hear the conversations on the radio net, so they may be directed to fire at enemy troops the camera does not pick up, or their optics might see things we can't.  Think about this video when you drive US tanks in Cologne or Soviet tanks into Berlin; I know I will.

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