Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Infantry vs Paratroopers

American Infantry using fire and maneuver to suppress a German strong point.

The rapid fire of the M1 rifle, backed up by the BAR with precision shots from the Springfield suppress the enemy.

While the majority of the squad fire at the opening to the bunker a team moves into position.

The GIs get in close so they can toss in a grenade.

Germans some distance away offer only sporadic resistance.

Once the bunker is neutralized, the back of the defensive position is broken.


FriendlyFire said...

I find the PSC Americans look a lot better in your photos than they do on PSC. You now got me thinking about giving my old Revell ones the boot and picking up a box of these!

One question: Would they work as Mid-war Americans? Say North Africa and early Italy?


Mike Creek said...

The Revell ones are more winter, these are more spring or summer. I would use these to supplement other sets rather than replace them. They don't carry the ammo pouches they should have, none have grenades, except the one grenade thrower. The extra BARs, radios, and medic would be nice additions to the other sets, but I don't think they replace them.

Sam Wise said...

Strange figures for me..
I'm not accustomed with such guys...
What's the scale?

(and : good job, guys! the bunker is out!)

Mike Creek said...

American Late War Infantry by Plastic Soldier Company vs Pegasus WWII German Paratroopers all in 1/72nd scale. Germans have not been released yet and will be in both 1/72nd scale and 1/32nd scale.

FriendlyFire said...

Sorry for the confusion Bunkermeistter. The Revell boys I'm talking about are the Marines and not the "Winter" ones, those are still only on my wishlist. And I already have the Garand filled Italeri set (the one with the new tooling). So do you think they'll do for North Africa and Italy? (Along with my Italeri boys of course)

Mike Creek said...

I am not sure on the exact date of all the uniform bits, but mine are going to serve with the Italeri mid War figures in Tunisia.